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Country Of OriginAir Freight PricingSea Freight Pricing
China$19/KG(For basic products, clothes, shoes, decor etc.)--
China$27/KG(For electronics, products with batteries, powdery, and liquids.)--

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Transparent pricing with no surprises

The shipping fee to DRC includes customs duty and freight.

Optional insurance is available at a fee of 3% of the total value of items, but terms and conditions apply.

A Buy for Me processing fee of 5% is charged on the total proxy payment.

Packages will accrue storage fees of $3.5 per day, 7 business days after the invoice is shared.

Items can be consolidated for a maximum of 14 business days for air shipments, after which the normal rate per kg will apply

Last mile delivery fees are covered by the customer. Shipping fees charged only covers transportation to our office in DRC.

Shipping timelines

Shipping from countryMode of shippingDelivery window
USAAir7 - 12 business days from time of receipt
CanadaAir7- 12 business days from time of receipt
ChinaAir7 - 10 business days from item receipt

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