3PL - Pick And Pack Fulfilment

Stay focused on running the business, let us take care of your orders. Do you need a place to hold your products and ship them out as and when the orders are made? Are you in Africa and looking to reach the US market with your goods and products? We store and fulfil orders on demand.

Inventory is Received

We receive inventory from businesses. The inventory is then checked in and stored in our secure warehouse.

Orders are Placed

End users place orders with our clients, the orders are forwarded to us for processing.We generate pick lists for our pickers.

Picked and Packed

Our skilled pickers locate, pack, and document each order with rigorous quality control for accuracy and completeness.


Packages are delivered to the door of customers.

As your orders are fulfilled:

Keep control over your stock and shipments through our portal

Monitor inventory levels

Get notified when the stocks drops to your predefined minimum threshold

Pick and Pack FAQs

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about pick and pack fulfilment!

A pick and pack fee is the fee assessed when a piece of inventory is picked up from a warehouse shelf and packed for shipment.

A warehouse where inventory is stored, picked and packed right after an order is placed.

Pick packing is when a person picks and packs items for shipment. The pick packer goes through the warehouse to retrieve the items on their picking list and packs them for shipment.

Aquantuo third-party logistics provider - Comprehensive 3pl logistics services for Businesses .

Aquantuo offers its clients same-day turnaround for orders that are placed before 1:00 PM. Along with an accurate and speedy pick and pack process, Aquantuo offers the following order fulfillment services to ecommerce businesses:

Warehousing: Secure and Climate-Controlled Storage Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of global trade, reliable warehousing is the driver of a successful logistics strategy. Unlike most third party warehousing companies, we offer state-of-the-art warehousing, and an optimal environment for the safety of your goods. Our secure warehouses, strategically located across multiple African countries, serve as the perfect hubs for your inventory while providing easy access.

Inventory Management: Real-Time Precision for Seamless Operations

Third party logistics companies should offer value to maximize profits and reduce costs. We offer an inventory management system that provides instant visibility into your stock levels. This ensures accurate order fulfillment while minimizing the risk of stock-outs; empowering your business with the agility needed to respond to market demands, contributing to the success of your global trade ventures.

Pick and Pack fulfillment: Precision in Every Parcel

Our pick and pack fulfillment services are designed to ensure accuracy and timeliness in every order. Whether you're fulfilling e-commerce orders, or managing retail distribution inventory, our pick-and-pack fulfillment services optimize your operations.

Delivery Services: Swift and Reliable Last-Mile delivery Solutions

Aquantuo's delivery services guarantee fast, simple, and borderless transport of your goods. Our extensive network and strategic partnerships enables us to offer last-mile delivery solutions meeting the unique demands of diverse markets, whether it's same-day deliveries within local markets or cross-border shipments.

Customer Support: Your Dedicated Partner in Excellence

At Aquantuo, our team is available around the clock to answer any inquiries and resolve issues promptly. We are committed to ensuring that every interaction reflects positively on your brand.

Order Fulfilment Processes:

Our 3rd party logistics services follow a structured series of steps to fulfill client orders, covering order processing, inventory management, picking and packing, shipping, delivery, and Cash on Delivery (COD) collection. Our commitment to transparency and efficiency is facilitated by advanced technology and an experienced team at every stage of the process.

Why should Aquantuo be your third party logistics provider?


Benefit from our team's extensive experience in the third-party logistics services, providing customized solutions to your unique needs.


Advanced technology for real-time order tracking, efficient order fulfillment, and streamlined inventory management.


We customize our solutions to businesses of all sizes and locations, ensuring efficient fulfillment services.

Wide Geographical Presence:

With a presence in eight African countries, leverage our expansive network to reach even more clients.

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