How Aquantuo Works

International Online Purchases

Shop your favorite online stores and we’ll deliver to your door wherever.


Sign up on Aquantuo to get your tax free address then shop online from your favourite online stores

Ship to us

At checkout from the online stores, choose to ship the items to your unique Aquantuo Address


Log into Aquantuo, tell us what you bought and pay for international shipping

Delivered to you

We ship the items, take it through customs clearance and deliver to your door.


Give us your shopping list and sit back. We will do the shopping for you

Tell us

Provide the link or details on what you need help buying


We confirm the item with you after which you pay for the item

Item Is Delivered

We purchase the item and once we get it, we immediately forward to your International Address


Door to Door Service - We pick up packages anywhere in the US and Canada and deliver to Africa

List it

Tell us where you want an item picked up from and sent to

Item is picked up or shipped

We arrange to pick up the package from the pick up address.

Item is delivered

Package is delivered to the door of the destination address, all customs duty taken care of